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wire assembly factory

We have a 1000 square meters factory and about 100 workers to serve your orders. All workers are provided with adequate health insurance and competitive wages.


Our equipment includes:


+ Fully automatic wire cutting-crimping machine

+ Wire processor

+ Automatic cable sheath stripping machine

+ Automated wire mini stripping machines

+ Molex, Tyco/Amp, Panduit and Hoffman presses for fully insulated terminals and wire ferrules

+ Automatic terminal presses and glue applicators for Tyco/AMP, Molex, Deutsch, JST, Power Lugs and most other brands of terminals

+ Flat strip processing equipment

+ Soldering/desoldering equipment

+ Full range of terminal crimping hand tools

Quote within 24 Hours

Always try best to speed up the quoting process and get back to our customers as soon as possible.

Fast Production Cycle

Spanning over 1000 square meters with 100 employees providing a rapid, high-quality assembly service.

Prompt Delivery

The wire assembly production and component procurement are carried out simultaneously, and the average assembly time is two weeks. The delivery time can be shorter If no special process.