Custom Coaxial Cable​​

  • A complete solution for RF cables and Order custom RF coaxial cable assemblies online!/li>

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We provide coaxial cable service.


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  • Custom made cables and networking products, flexible or semi-rigid,
  • Automatic cut and strip for coaxial cabling, compliant with ROHS
  • Coaxial cable assemblies catering for data, RF, and video applications can be supplied to your specifications. The range of coaxial connector in use is enormous; the more common types include IPEX、MMCX、MCX、SMB、SMA、FME、CRC9、F、N、TNC、BNC、SL16.
  • All commonly used coaxial cable types are available covering RG1.13、RG178、RG316、RG174、RG58、50-3/-5-7-9、LMR195、RG142