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With this line of thought, you can greatly save on the material requirements and subsequently do away with wastage.

Furthermore, you can also achieve savings in the cost of labor by precisely defining processes.

Design for the manufacturing of PCBs begins with the Gerber files of the printed circuit board.

These files are then presented to the manufacturing team, who alongside the designers, establish the processes to realize the design.

Attention is placed on the board parts to allow for simplified processes without the sophistication of aspects.


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Custom Power Cords

1. Cut the line: check whether the standard type of the wire is correct; the scale is not in line with the demand; the cut is necessary to be flush, the wire cannot be scratched, the wire is not dirty, etc.
2. Peeling the outer skin: check whether the peeling is flush, cannot peel the core wire, grouping silk, etc., the peeling scale is not correct.
3. Group disposal: Whether the trimming scale is correct, whether the trimming is flush or not, the core wire cannot be damaged when trimming the group.
4. Peeling the inner jacket: check whether the peeling is flat; whether the peeling scale is correct; whether there is a peeling core wire, broken copper wire; the insulator cannot fall when half peeling.
5. Cover heat-shrinkable tube: Check if the tube scale and type are correct.
6. Prepare the solder: Check whether the temperature of the tin furnace is correct. Is it necessary to arrange the copper wire of the core wire before soldering, whether there is a bifurcation, a tortuous or a discount; if there is a copper wire bifurcation after the solder is prepared, The appearance of the big head, copper wire and hot insulation.
7. Solder: Check if the temperature of the soldering iron is correct; do not burn the insulation, the tin point should be lubricated, no tin tip, no false soldering, no soldering.

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